Apr 2015 - Aug 2017

Sermons in this series

Sun, Jun 26, 2016
Duration:40 mins 37 secs
One of the main ways a Christian glorifies and serves the God Who saves him is by sharing with the unsaved about true salvation through Jesus Christ. Serving God needs to involve activity and I believe it is fitting that we put first things first
Sun, Jun 12, 2016
Duration:38 mins 33 secs
Of course, we know that church attendance does not save us. But there is a casual and borderline “take it or leave it” mindset about The Lord’s Day that is begetting other compromises which are having devastating consequences on the impact of the church in this fallen world system. May God give us ears to hear His Spirit today.
Sun, May 29, 2016
Duration:46 mins 2 secs
Paul uses the doctrine of the resurrection of the body to motivate the body of Christ to be steadfast, unmovable and abounding in the work of The Lord.
Mon, May 23, 2016
Duration:34 mins 38 secs
This morning’s study will focus on the nature of the resurrection of the body. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead. There were those who were asking the question, “How are the dead raised? With what kind of body will they come?” Maybe that is a question that some of you have asked yourself.
Sun, May 15, 2016
Duration:41 mins 29 secs
Because there is the resurrection, life is more than just biological existence.
Mon, Apr 25, 2016
Duration:31 mins 55 secs
We can look beyond the trials and tribulations that come our way in this life because we know that one day we will clothed with a new body and will be with Him in glory forever!!
Sun, Apr 10, 2016
Duration:39 mins 55 secs
Get acquainted with Jesus. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Walk by faith, not by sight. Keep pure. Above all, be motivated by an intense love for Jesus because without that, your gift is worthless (1 Corinthians 13:1-3).
Sun, Mar 20, 2016
Duration:47 mins 27 secs
Paul’s teaching to the Corinthians challenges us in a relevant way today. How eager are we to have spiritual gifts and use them? The implication is that our gifts are not static. It isn’t as if the spiritual gifts we receive when we’re first converted are the only gifts we’ll ever have. The text invites us to consider prayerfully asking God to endow us with spiritual gifts. With faith and a desire to build up the church, we must seek God and trust Him to use us in the body of Christ as His servants.
Mon, Feb 29, 2016
Duration:49 mins 44 secs
When we choose to love, we become a tool in God’s hands to transform the lives of those around us. Start doing the selfless things, the persistent things, the hopeful things, the enduring things—and you will be practicing the love that never fails.
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
Duration:37 mins 21 secs
The section of Scripture is one of the most amazing description of the Church. We are the body of Christ. Paul likens those who have been born into the body of Christ to the human body. The human body is an amazing work of God our Creator. In our human body, there are many members. Some members are visible to the human eye and some are not visible. Some appear to be more necessary and some appear to be unnecessary. But by God’s creative design, every part of the human body is necessary. Likewise, by The Spirit’s re-creative power, every part of the body of Christ is necessary.
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