Ray Viola

Ray Viola
Role: Senior Pastor

Pastor Ray is the senior pastor at Koinonia Fellowship and is our main teaching pastor.


Latest sermons by this teacher

Sun, Oct 16, 2011
Join Pastor Ray for the conclusion of Rev. 19 as we look at two suppers...one where you are a guest and the other where you are the dinner. The wedding supper of the Lamb is awaiting the children of God, the Christ-rejecting armies of the enemy will become food for the birds of the air...which dinner will you be at?
Wed, Oct 12, 2011
Pastor Ray teaches from Joshua 16-19 regarding the borders of Israel.
Sun, Oct 09, 2011
Pastor Ray continues the study through the first epistle to the Thessalonians.
Sun, Oct 09, 2011
Pastor Ray Viola continues his teaching in the book of Revelation. Christ Jesus is returning and when he does he will judge this world on a white horse.
Wed, Oct 05, 2011
Pastor Ray continues in the book of Joshua.
Sun, Oct 02, 2011
Pastor Ray teaches through the first epistle to the Thessalonians.
Sun, Oct 02, 2011
Pastor Ray teaches from the book of Luke. A day to remember what the Lord Jesus has done for us.
Wed, Sep 28, 2011
Pastor Ray continues the study through the book of Joshua
Sun, Sep 25, 2011
Join Pastor ray Viola again in our study in the Book of Revelation as we step once agin into the heavenly throne room. The focus has been and always be for the Christian, the One who sits upon the throne, His worth...His glory...His salvation...His power. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face...and the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace..."
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