Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

Sermons in this series

Sun, Aug 24, 2014
Duration:47 mins 45 secs
We live in a world that is constantly fighting for our attention and sending messages of what it thinks our priorities should be. When things take the place of God, it becomes and idol. The stand that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego take at the risk of their very lives still speaks volumes to us today.When we stand for what is right, God always gives us the grace to stand, even when we face a fiery furnace of affliction.
Sun, Aug 17, 2014
Duration:46 mins 20 secs
We conclude our study of Ephesians with an exhortation regarding the reality of spiritual warfare and the need to put on the whole armor of God.
Sun, Aug 10, 2014
Duration:51 mins 52 secs
Do you struggle with your work environment? Do you have harsh or ungrateful employers? How do you live your faith out in the marketplace? The Apostle Paul has very practical and biblical counsel for us all. Work is not just a "j-o-b" it is a ministry. Join Pastor Ben Hiwale for this up close and personal insight into the Christian at work.
Sun, Jul 27, 2014
Duration:38 mins 7 secs
It's no secret that when a child is born into this world, they do not come with a "How to" manual! The challenges and changes within a child's life can be, at times. overwhelming for Mom's and Dad,'s..parenting is truly not for "wimps." As parents, we must understand that our children belong to the Lord, and we are responsible on how they are raised. By God's grace, through the power of His Spirit, and the guidance of His word, you CAN parent God's way. despite our cultures confusion on these subjects. Children really are a blessing from the Lord!
Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Duration:37 mins 10 secs
Today we conclude our two week study on the God-ordained roles in a Christian marriage. As we now look at the role of the husband, we see that he is to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her
Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Duration:41 mins 46 secs
Over the next two weeks, we are going to be looking at the section of Ephesians that talks about the covenant of marriage. In it we will find God’s order for the Christian home and His divine description of the role of the wife and husband within this sacred union.
Mon, Jun 30, 2014
Duration:49 mins 46 secs
Spirit-filling is not evident in careless, thoughtless, structure-less spontaneity, but in godly wisdom and in orderliness. It is not seen in those who exalt themselves (even by actions and words which seem spiritual), but by submitting ourselves to doing that which edifies and builds up our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Sun, Jun 22, 2014
Duration:40 mins 42 secs
Sun, Jun 08, 2014
Duration:37 mins 27 secs
Knowing what Christ has done for you, enables you to walk in a worthy way. Theology without practically and loving obedience is hypocrisy. In Christ we are called to put off the old man and put on the new man and walk in a way which honors the Lord. How is your walk? What do you need to put on or put off?
Sun, May 25, 2014
Duration:40 mins 35 secs
Why does Jesus give gifts to the His Church? Is it for our own personal enjoyment? Paul say NO! The gifts Jesus gives are for God's glory, for the building up of the Church, to unite us, to mature us, and to be rooted in love. Be encouraged by this truth as we dig deep into the word of God.
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